I’m hip, I’m cool, I’m with it.

I’ve noticed how cool it is recently to be a DJ. It used to be totally uncool when I was a teenager. A sweaty man in charge of the “Erection Section/slow set was not attractive.

But, now a DJ is everything you have to be in life. If you are a DJ, you are cool.


There are some rules you must adhere to though.

1. You should be utterly serious about your new “passion” and keep a seriously cool pose while “mixing it up”.


It takes a lot of concentration to listen to music, look at the turntable and look cool. 

2. Do not look happy or make v signs/thumbs-up.


These will wreck the image you’re trying to create. 

3. Try to be famous and have a talent for something else.

Sarah Harding has gone one better, she is engaged to a DJ. Simply by posing with him, she automatically has “street credit”.


Obama doesn’t quite get it somehow.

But, I’ve decided to take it even further, being a DJ is so last season. I’ve spent a long time thinking about this, planning the right moment, wearing the right clothes and I’ve came up with….Drum roll…. 
I’ll be a drummer!
In a hard rock band.
And I’ll wear a flowery vest top.
I’ll look serious but cool.
I’ll let my roots grow out to show how “serious” I am about being a drummer.
What ya think?


Nostalgia is back?

Nostalgia. It’s everywhere, especially in the form of sweet shops. they seem to be popping up everywhere. We have  a  new one in Carlow and a little 8 year old took to the Tubridy Show last week to tell everyone about her new “Pop-up” shop, guess what it was?

Yes, a sweet shop with all those nostalgic sweeties for you to buy.

One thing I get nostalgic about is my time in university-U.C.D-the best college ever. I shared a house with some great girls, 7 of us up on North Avenue, Mount Merrion. How lucky were we? £34 a week! A 10 minute walk to the stuent bar..sorry, lectures and the majority of us are still great friends. don’t think there is anything sinister about the fact I said “the majority of are great friends” but some of the girlies disappeared. Stephanie Burke aka Burpie and Fionnuala aka dry soup eater extraordinaire, where are you now?

There was something else brilliant about the Mount Merrion/Stillorgan area. No, not the 80s shopping centre or O’ Dwyer’s Pub.

The best thing about Stillorgan that I still dream about is a chip shop. Not just any chip shop. This was C.Aprille’s of Stillorgan.

They make chips the other ship shops can only dream about making. Super thick, slightly crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside. We would walk down to Stillorgan and buy a big bag with a tub of the best garlic mayo and walk back home. God, life was simple.

But, all is not lost. you can still avail of these chips. C. Aprile’s is still in business! Don’t get confused by the one in Portabello. Not the same. Get your self down to Stillorgan and bag yourself a bag of the “Best chips in Ireland awarded by Rozz”

As I was saying nostalgia is everywhere, usually nostalgia takes a year, maybe a few decades to come back. That’s what makes it truly nostalgic, doesn’t it?

Not in Carlow.

I was out walking through the area of Askea (The wannabe D4 of Carlow) last week and came across a new chip shop. It’s Billy Bunter’s, it closed down about a year or 2 ago and it did bloody good chips too. We were slightly disappointed when it closed down but about a million other chip shops seemed to open and we forgot about it.

You can imagine my joy when I saw that Billy Bunter’s was back, baby!

With a big, colourful and boasting sign saying” Billy Bunter’s is back!”

It’s not nostalgic.

They have good chips but it’s no C.Aprile’s.

Pain of the muscles: It’s Boot Camp!

Last week, we spent the weekend in the Monart Spa resort, eating, drinking and spa-ing (if that’s a word!)

It was heavenly…

So, I have decided to shatter all blissful and peaceful memories of that time by joining one of these “boot camps”. Apparently, they are the new black.

You know all about them. They involved an over the top fit lady/man making you run, jump and carry heavy things outside for an hour whilst shouting things like ” You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t need to” “It’s difficult cos you need to be here”

It damages your confidence and your muscle. But, I know it’s good for me. Eire Og is a Carlow-famed sports/GAA club that built a rather fabulous gym last year. Their emphasis is on keeping fit in as many ways as possible, outside of the gym.

They have built a pretty amazing outdoor training area, see the photo here.

They run these boot camps throughout the year and this one ends in a graduation and BBQ.

So, I’ll “fess” up, the aim of this was not to get fit or to meet people. I have a much more simple aim.

Burgers, sausages and wine.

I’ll let you know how it works out but next appointment with pain is the running club this Saturday. Join us at 9 a.m. at Eire Og, if you dare!

Who puts those stickers on the bottom of shoes?

AGGGHH! Sticky labels that shops insist on sticking on everything

This is a big irk and one that could be easily solved. Shoe shops, in particular love sticking white and translucent labels onto the bottom of the shoes they sell. I think they look awful if you see a woman walking with brand new shoes, tarnished by this sticking obsession. I’ve followed all the tips, using a hairdryer actually does help the easy to remove ones but some are more stubborn.

But, why should I have to go through the bother of doing this? Please, people who insist on this, use a little, plastic string that can fasten the price on. I’d actually even pay more for that pair of shoes. At least, a euro.

Trying to work in my relationship with vegetables

I am a lucky girl/wife. Simon cooks all the meals in our house. He makes really healthy dishes that taste divine!
He likes to keep creative and has started a little challenge for himself and for me, I guess too! Every night, he makes a mystery vegetable of some sort, the deal is I taste it and see what I think. I’ve had avocado dips, carrot mash, sesame oil crispy green beans and am waiting eagerly tonight for some other mad thing.

That picture you see above is a perfect match for me when I was  a child. now, experts say that fussy eaters are only children who are looking for attention or control.

I diagree, I know this is not true, I wasn’t looking for attention or control. I simply hated the vegetables I was being given. I hated the taste and texture and felt sick if I did eat them, it has taken me years and years to get to even stand them being in my mouth.

I only started eating them when I met Si, aged 23. Even then, I couldn’t stand the bitty texture and he would puree everything for me.


He used to make separate dinners every night. I’ve progressed since then, I’ll eat most veg but only they’re cooked “Simy style”, which means tasty. His salad dressing is divine, the oils he stir it’s his veg makes me want to try them and his roast sweet potato wedges hit the spot too.
I’m very lucky.
Although come back to me on that, I might get aubergine with red wine as my mystery veg tonight?

(ifood.tv-image taken from)

Precious, our cat is AWOL for 9 days now….

We miss Precious. I miss the abuse that Simon used to throw at him, jokingly. I miss his purrs and cuddles.

Come back, smelly.

It’s worse that we have no proof that he won’t come back. Spotted 2 different cats in our garden in the last week. But, no Precious.

I hope he returns.

Women are more likely to ignore you if you do them a favour:Fact.

3. Rant

Whenever I cross a pedestrian crossing, I wave or nod or gesture nicely to the car that stopped for me. It’s a nice thing to do. It’s manners. It’s totally not typical of women pedestrians.

Fact. A woman pedestrian is less likely to thank you for taking the bother to stop safely to let their bottoms walk in front of your car. A man usually will. Why is this? I’ve seen women purposely ignore that your car is even there and stride across like it’s their given right to walk across a pedestrian crossing, without looking either way, in case a car is coming.

I’m going to carry out a massive piece of research into this to prove my point. I will stand at a crossing and take note. The study will be called “Is a woman pedestrian more likely to ignore a car that has stopped to let her pass than a male pedestrian?”

The overwhelming response will be yes.

I bet.

Child has her santa present stolen-wrong on so many levels

I read a piece in some paper yesterday. It doesn’t matter
which paper. The headline was “Mean thieves steal 7 year old’s
Santa present”. Fair enough. It’s horrible.

However, when I read on, I felt like shaking the robber’s hand. This little girl of 7
years age got some sort of car for Christmas. This car can reach 25
mph and seat 2 other 7 year old passengers. It also retails at
€1750. Huh?

Let me repeat. A little child  received a car worth

Oh, by the way, our country is in
a recession apparently.

I’m going to force you to listen to my music

So, my surprise trip didn’t happen. And not one of ye
guessed it! It was Oslo. Airport cancelled all flights and we
retreated to my hometown of Mayo. A very relaxing and mammied
Christmas was had by all. I’m now sitting on the train to Dublin
for the day. Am I becoming more unrealistic or hyper sensitive to
noise as I get older? Every person, it seems, on the train like to
“share” their music/games/general noise with the whole train. Which
results in mixes of tetris, Rhianna and Katy Perry. Has noone heard
of earphones or taste? We went to Japan a few years ago. On their
trains, they have a “quiet” section of the train. You are
guaranteed no noise of any kind. Just human voices really. Even the
train announcements don’t come on. A visual announcement instead.
It’s bliss actually. If we had it here, everyone would ignore it
anyway. That’s my rant over, I’m not asking for much. Or am I?

Snow in Carlow-why not tell everyone about it?

Oh yip, it’s snowing!

In Carlow.

In our estate.

Look at my back garden, it is just full of snow and in fact I am stuck in the middle of a snow storm right now.

I was amused by the amount of “It’s snowing here” updates on Facebook and Twitter over the weekend.Everyone had a story to tell. Their snow was the best snow, the most special snow and they wanted everyone to know about it. Except, it was snowing everywhere so I wasn’t really interested in looking at millions of snowy photos of gardens or snow men. I had them too!

As if Irish people don’t remember the incident from last winter. Remember? We were stuck in the house for about 3 weeks with nothing to do but eat and watch tv. It got boring.

So, why the excitement now? I suppose it beats writing about the economy, the IMF or the cuts to wages etc.

Hmmm, I feel a snowy article and update coming on…