Women are more likely to ignore you if you do them a favour:Fact.

3. Rant

Whenever I cross a pedestrian crossing, I wave or nod or gesture nicely to the car that stopped for me. It’s a nice thing to do. It’s manners. It’s totally not typical of women pedestrians.

Fact. A woman pedestrian is less likely to thank you for taking the bother to stop safely to let their bottoms walk in front of your car. A man usually will. Why is this? I’ve seen women purposely ignore that your car is even there and stride across like it’s their given right to walk across a pedestrian crossing, without looking either way, in case a car is coming.

I’m going to carry out a massive piece of research into this to prove my point. I will stand at a crossing and take note. The study will be called “Is a woman pedestrian more likely to ignore a car that has stopped to let her pass than a male pedestrian?”

The overwhelming response will be yes.

I bet.

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