I’m going to force you to listen to my music

So, my surprise trip didn’t happen. And not one of ye
guessed it! It was Oslo. Airport cancelled all flights and we
retreated to my hometown of Mayo. A very relaxing and mammied
Christmas was had by all. I’m now sitting on the train to Dublin
for the day. Am I becoming more unrealistic or hyper sensitive to
noise as I get older? Every person, it seems, on the train like to
“share” their music/games/general noise with the whole train. Which
results in mixes of tetris, Rhianna and Katy Perry. Has noone heard
of earphones or taste? We went to Japan a few years ago. On their
trains, they have a “quiet” section of the train. You are
guaranteed no noise of any kind. Just human voices really. Even the
train announcements don’t come on. A visual announcement instead.
It’s bliss actually. If we had it here, everyone would ignore it
anyway. That’s my rant over, I’m not asking for much. Or am I?

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