Snow in Carlow-why not tell everyone about it?

Oh yip, it’s snowing!

In Carlow.

In our estate.

Look at my back garden, it is just full of snow and in fact I am stuck in the middle of a snow storm right now.

I was amused by the amount of “It’s snowing here” updates on Facebook and Twitter over the weekend.Everyone had a story to tell. Their snow was the best snow, the most special snow and they wanted everyone to know about it. Except, it was snowing everywhere so I wasn’t really interested in looking at millions of snowy photos of gardens or snow men. I had them too!

As if Irish people don’t remember the incident from last winter. Remember? We were stuck in the house for about 3 weeks with nothing to do but eat and watch tv. It got boring.

So, why the excitement now? I suppose it beats writing about the economy, the IMF or the cuts to wages etc.

Hmmm, I feel a snowy article and update coming on…

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