Trying to work in my relationship with vegetables

I am a lucky girl/wife. Simon cooks all the meals in our house. He makes really healthy dishes that taste divine!
He likes to keep creative and has started a little challenge for himself and for me, I guess too! Every night, he makes a mystery vegetable of some sort, the deal is I taste it and see what I think. I’ve had avocado dips, carrot mash, sesame oil crispy green beans and am waiting eagerly tonight for some other mad thing.

That picture you see above is a perfect match for me when I was  a child. now, experts say that fussy eaters are only children who are looking for attention or control.

I diagree, I know this is not true, I wasn’t looking for attention or control. I simply hated the vegetables I was being given. I hated the taste and texture and felt sick if I did eat them, it has taken me years and years to get to even stand them being in my mouth.

I only started eating them when I met Si, aged 23. Even then, I couldn’t stand the bitty texture and he would puree everything for me.


He used to make separate dinners every night. I’ve progressed since then, I’ll eat most veg but only they’re cooked “Simy style”, which means tasty. His salad dressing is divine, the oils he stir it’s his veg makes me want to try them and his roast sweet potato wedges hit the spot too.
I’m very lucky.
Although come back to me on that, I might get aubergine with red wine as my mystery veg tonight?

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