It’s the small things…pink gloves…

It really is the small things that make me happy. WEll, two things today really.

Yesterday, we did a bit of Christmas browsing/shopping and I came across some very funky leather gloves in M and S. They had them in all colours, beautiful, soft jewel colours and plain chocolate brown and black. It was quite difficult for me to choose which special colour would bejewel my hands. I remembered how a Colour Therapist (yes, they exist!) advised me never to wear pink and if I did decide to break this rule, it should be salmon icky pink.


I was feeling all rebellious yesterday so I opted for pink gloves. Not just any pink but hot pink! Oh yes, how delightful they look on my hands, clashing with every colour, refusing to matchy match.

The second thing I was happy about was when I got to the till, my lovely husband took the gloves from my hands and paid for them.


Discovering my shape

Discovering my shape.
It’s quite confusing being a girl and having a girl’s body, for me anyway. I’m short at 5’4 ish and work hard to keep my figure at a size ten. I don’t want to be any smaller or any bigger. I was larger years ago at a size 16-18 so I’m constantly aware of my body.
The other day I discovered that I am a hourglass and I’m delighted!
Most people tell me I’m a pear shape. No offence to the pear shape but the hourglass shape if the shape I’ve always envied. Look at Jennifer Lopez, Nigella Lawson and Marilyn Monroe. See what I mean? A lot of Irish girls have pear shapes but don’t dress for this. Simon always told me I was an hourglass but I really thought I was a pear shape after a friend told me this in the changing rooms one day shopping.
Since, I’ve discovered I am a curvy, hourglass, I’ve felt happier with my body and appearance, weird I know!
How did I discover? I measured my shoulders, hips and waist and found that my shoulders and hips are the same size with my waist being ultra smaller in comparison. That’s the way you will know if you are an hourglass! But, you are going to have to measure as us ladies tend to not see the real shape in the mirror as I’ve proved for years! The oprah website( which actually pretty good!) then gives you strict guidelines for ways to dress to show your body off, be it pear, hourglass, athletic. We all have amazing bits of our body to show off.
Amazing fact about hourglasses that I did not know-
Hourglasses are the only body type that look really well in strapless dresses! Yay!
Skinny or slim jeans look best on hourglasses figures only. It’s funny how we think that skinny size zero girls look best in skinny jeans but no, that’s wrong! Skinny jeans with heels show off your killer curves at their best. Im starting to sound like Gok!
Now, I recommend you get the measuring tape out and check out the oprah website. I’ll try and get some photos up of me in hourglass worthy clothes!

respectable people and colours

It is a bit strange, I think. The wine glasses that we bought almost 6 years ago have started to fade. They used to be black but now the black has started to rub off the glass making the glass slightly embarrassing to use for future company. We bought them in that particular colour as we were obsessed with black at that time.
We had black plates, cups, toast holder, egg cups, butter holder, gravy jug, water jug and I am sure many more of these black items for our kitchen.
Now it seems much more fashionable to mix and match colours and styles of our homeware.
this trend can be seen in women’s’ fashion- 5 years ago, everything matched like jewelry, shoes, clothes and even eyeshadow.

(Simon wrote this by the way)

I often wonder what “respectable home owners” do.  Part of me wants to be one and the other part of me wants to completely rebel against it.  From what I can gather, minimalism is in.  A room should contain as little as possible.  For example, a sitting room should contain a sofa, an armchair, a television and stand and a lamp.  Colour should also be used carefully.  Monochrome is essential here.  So if you pick beige as your colour then everything should be beige or tones of beige.  The twist, however, is that you need a twist of colour – generally a colour that is on the opposite end of the colour spectrum.  Therefore, a colour like cyan or turquoise offsets the humdrum look of a beige room.  Add a single stem in a narrow vase in another complimentary colour and you have a respectable sitting room.

It also goes without saying that every room in a respectable house should have a focal point – an interesting picture, a colourful bed pan or a clever patterned tile.  It should scream out – “look at me” – but obviously in a respectable way.  Anyone who screams in a respectable home is obviously a Philistanic family member or neighbour.

It was about time we got rid of our former black glasses.  In fact, it probably was time we got rid of any black-coloured item.  A trip down to the Next store would be inspirational indeed.  This season’s colour could be seen and then we could go to other shops to buy them but for half the price.  A respectable family, of course, would not shop in a multi-national company like Next.  They must shop in boutique-style places where every piece of furniture has a story.  For instance, a kitchen table must be made from the purest oak from Venezuela and dipped in the creamiest Magnolia from the paint pots of Swiss artists and then lovingly carried by three priests to the shop where the price tag is written in Nepalese ink for no less than one thousand euro.

advanced night repair

I am half way through the bottle of Advanced night repair, estee lauder and am starting to see amazing results, my skin is much smoother, any small lines that were forming look less and less and every morning I have a glow about my face, I would recommend i highly!Even though it is pricey( €50), I think it rocks..I ama hoping to use the bottle up by the time I get to duty free in a month!Want to try Dr. WElls super mushroom serum and then I can decide which one is the best!

Also want to buy a pair of good sunglasses, Ray bans appeal to me highly but simon says not to buy them as I will resemble one of my crazy relatives, I won’t mention her name but let’s just say it has made me think carefully about buying them!

Anyway, 3 weeks and 3 days till Dubrovnik…shame I couldnt use ANR on the rest of my body!!Imagine a big bottle version, actually there probably is a version, I will go check it out!

hair do and it always rains…

Went to try out a new hairdressers in CArlow today, I used to go to “Bohemian Heads” originally as Neil, one of the “dressers” did my hair and I loved him, he didnt love me as I think he has a boyfriend and last time I checked I got myself a husband, it never would have worked out, we’d only talk hair for 10 minutes max and then be silent…

anyway, the new revamped new location of BH looks well cool and pukka. the chairs are all funky soft leather and the chair on the wash basin is

1. red leather

2. soft

3. hasa a big footrest so you can lie at the basin!

4. is a massagin chair thata comes with a control…how relaxing!

Plus the staff were so nice and used my first name obsessively e.g. “Rozz, you look fab” or “Rozz, can I get your number?” and so on.

Anyway, I got a colour put in and you would barely know only for the fact that my original colour is as to be expected…a boring lifeless dead dark not cool number 7(?) blonde, it sounds better that I have made it sound.

I did have lots of fun ideas about going back to my original colour but didn’t realise it was that bad…so the colour I got was between Cocoa brown with a squidge of a red that i cannot remember the name of. It looks shiny, glossy, brown and non-dark blonde and boring but not really much of a change if you get me. It washes out in 10 washes so I can always go back to my original colour if I get bored with life.

Anyway,I’d recommend the salon but I will still go to the other salon for my cut, Maria does my cut there and until she moves to BH, I will follow her!

It rained as per usual for my trip to the hairdressers.

Now, Im all ready to go for school on Monday, 5 weeks left to teach the junior infants everything!Fun!

Ta ta!