It’s the small things…pink gloves…

It really is the small things that make me happy. WEll, two things today really.

Yesterday, we did a bit of Christmas browsing/shopping and I came across some very funky leather gloves in M and S. They had them in all colours, beautiful, soft jewel colours and plain chocolate brown and black. It was quite difficult for me to choose which special colour would bejewel my hands. I remembered how a Colour Therapist (yes, they exist!) advised me never to wear pink and if I did decide to break this rule, it should be salmon icky pink.


I was feeling all rebellious yesterday so I opted for pink gloves. Not just any pink but hot pink! Oh yes, how delightful they look on my hands, clashing with every colour, refusing to matchy match.

The second thing I was happy about was when I got to the till, my lovely husband took the gloves from my hands and paid for them.


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