hair do and it always rains…

Went to try out a new hairdressers in CArlow today, I used to go to “Bohemian Heads” originally as Neil, one of the “dressers” did my hair and I loved him, he didnt love me as I think he has a boyfriend and last time I checked I got myself a husband, it never would have worked out, we’d only talk hair for 10 minutes max and then be silent…

anyway, the new revamped new location of BH looks well cool and pukka. the chairs are all funky soft leather and the chair on the wash basin is

1. red leather

2. soft

3. hasa a big footrest so you can lie at the basin!

4. is a massagin chair thata comes with a control…how relaxing!

Plus the staff were so nice and used my first name obsessively e.g. “Rozz, you look fab” or “Rozz, can I get your number?” and so on.

Anyway, I got a colour put in and you would barely know only for the fact that my original colour is as to be expected…a boring lifeless dead dark not cool number 7(?) blonde, it sounds better that I have made it sound.

I did have lots of fun ideas about going back to my original colour but didn’t realise it was that bad…so the colour I got was between Cocoa brown with a squidge of a red that i cannot remember the name of. It looks shiny, glossy, brown and non-dark blonde and boring but not really much of a change if you get me. It washes out in 10 washes so I can always go back to my original colour if I get bored with life.

Anyway,I’d recommend the salon but I will still go to the other salon for my cut, Maria does my cut there and until she moves to BH, I will follow her!

It rained as per usual for my trip to the hairdressers.

Now, Im all ready to go for school on Monday, 5 weeks left to teach the junior infants everything!Fun!

Ta ta!

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