advanced night repair

I am half way through the bottle of Advanced night repair, estee lauder and am starting to see amazing results, my skin is much smoother, any small lines that were forming look less and less and every morning I have a glow about my face, I would recommend i highly!Even though it is pricey( €50), I think it rocks..I ama hoping to use the bottle up by the time I get to duty free in a month!Want to try Dr. WElls super mushroom serum and then I can decide which one is the best!

Also want to buy a pair of good sunglasses, Ray bans appeal to me highly but simon says not to buy them as I will resemble one of my crazy relatives, I won’t mention her name but let’s just say it has made me think carefully about buying them!

Anyway, 3 weeks and 3 days till Dubrovnik…shame I couldnt use ANR on the rest of my body!!Imagine a big bottle version, actually there probably is a version, I will go check it out!

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