Discovering my shape

Discovering my shape.
It’s quite confusing being a girl and having a girl’s body, for me anyway. I’m short at 5’4 ish and work hard to keep my figure at a size ten. I don’t want to be any smaller or any bigger. I was larger years ago at a size 16-18 so I’m constantly aware of my body.
The other day I discovered that I am a hourglass and I’m delighted!
Most people tell me I’m a pear shape. No offence to the pear shape but the hourglass shape if the shape I’ve always envied. Look at Jennifer Lopez, Nigella Lawson and Marilyn Monroe. See what I mean? A lot of Irish girls have pear shapes but don’t dress for this. Simon always told me I was an hourglass but I really thought I was a pear shape after a friend told me this in the changing rooms one day shopping.
Since, I’ve discovered I am a curvy, hourglass, I’ve felt happier with my body and appearance, weird I know!
How did I discover? I measured my shoulders, hips and waist and found that my shoulders and hips are the same size with my waist being ultra smaller in comparison. That’s the way you will know if you are an hourglass! But, you are going to have to measure as us ladies tend to not see the real shape in the mirror as I’ve proved for years! The oprah website( which actually pretty good!) then gives you strict guidelines for ways to dress to show your body off, be it pear, hourglass, athletic. We all have amazing bits of our body to show off.
Amazing fact about hourglasses that I did not know-
Hourglasses are the only body type that look really well in strapless dresses! Yay!
Skinny or slim jeans look best on hourglasses figures only. It’s funny how we think that skinny size zero girls look best in skinny jeans but no, that’s wrong! Skinny jeans with heels show off your killer curves at their best. Im starting to sound like Gok!
Now, I recommend you get the measuring tape out and check out the oprah website. I’ll try and get some photos up of me in hourglass worthy clothes!

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