tired again after 2 days and a full chocolate ban shock horror!panic!

after having 2 weeks away from work, you would think that I would be reenergised for at least a week, no,no,no…

i am wrecked at 7 p.m. on Day 2, the little children have been filling my mind with mad stories, which make me laugh openly at their madness but that in turn sets them off laughing and it falls into chaos for at least 5 seconds….until I should out “Lamha suas”

At the minute, my class love doing anything I do…they are now obsessed with drinking water just like teacher, how cute except they suck on the bottle like a dummy and need to use the toilet  alot more.

Already looking forward to weekend and resting…big birthday party coming up..Father in Law is 65!
Myself and Simon are “in charge” of the sweet things, Am cooking lots of fancy, dark choc and marshmallow type things that I won’t be able to eat..

I am taking inspiration for at least a week from my friend. M. She never eats crap of any form, she never drinks alcohol, dairy, fat, sugar and anything nice really..what is left, you may ask?Well, the healthy, good things that make her look all glowy and positive and nice.

Just to clarify, I am giving up choc, biscuits, cakes etc for a week to begin with, we’ll see!


Rozzie( with no choc in her system but there are at least 6 Easter Eggs, 1 box of organic chocolate truffles( which my friend M. brought?) and a box of Lily O Briens in the cupboard, roll on SAturday!!


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