“easy” chocolate mousse

We are having a dinenr party tonight for 2 other friends of ours, slightly nervous as Michelle is a pro at cooking, baking and generally making everything from scratch!!She did the 8 week Ballymlloe Cookery course so can you see why I am nervous?

simon is making¬† big Italian Chicken tomato dish with salad, potatoes etc and bruschetta to start, yum. I took¬† dessert over as per usual, also as usual my dessers involve chocolate. I tried my first Chocolate Mousse, which apparently is so easy even a man can cook it( that is what the sexist book said…;))

It involved meleted 70% dark choc, egg whites, egg yolks and creme fraiche being ” whisked2 by hand…I whisked it by machine as I didn’t believe the book. I added a “small” amount of Baileys. We bought lovely dinky little Nicholas Mosse bowls and I poured the mixture in and put grated choc over it with strawberries( which I hope defrost!)

They look good and taste good but don’t have the texture of mousse at all so what will I call them?chocolate fun with Baileys?

anyway gotta go and pretty myself.

Yours in non-bubbled chocolate mousseness



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