Opera for Carlow gets serious(again)&Rozz is interviewed by Athena Media

See what happens when you miss two rehearsals in a row, Rozz?

Yep, everyone else in the group become brilliant.

I had really good reasons to miss my Opera for Carlow rehearsals, I haven’t missed one before so was annoyed. Was away at training in Dublin and last week, I actually was in the same building as the rehearsals. I was helping out at my husband’s Fashion Show for his school, he was modelling so I couldn’t miss that!

Anyway, enough of the negative! I am back, baby!

So, last night, I got to meet Lisa from Athena Media. She was known as “the girl with the mic” to the rest of the group and was often seen hanging around the rehearsals recording anything she could salvage. I was always envious of the cast that got to be interviewed for the Lyric FM podcast so when Lisa contacted me through this blog, I was uber excited.

I think I did okay. I hope I didn’t ramble too much. Lisa tells me the interview will be available from June onwards so pop that in your diary, peeps.

Fergus tells us that for the next month, we will eat, breath and sleep Opera. Great. Full-scale rehearsals starting next week throughout the Easter holidays.

Do I have the energy?

Can I learn the words to “A good melon”

Is it all about the altos?

These questions and more will be answered very soon.

Tickets on sale for Shelter me from the rain:Opera for Carlow at http://www.gbshawtheatre.ie/theatre.php?day=5&month=5&year=2011

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