An attempt to read my stories!

Come hear me read a couple of stories and my first attempt at poetry!
Our group, the Carlow Cooperative Writers’ Group have been working hard! In association and supported by the Carlow Library and Eigse Carlow Festival, we have nearly completed a series of workshops with Ken Bourke.
On Tuesday, 12th June at 6:30 in Carlow Library, we will read 2 of our pieces to an audience(we hope!)
Afterwards, we take the literary chat to the very literary Carlovian pub, Teach Dolmen. There will be a great range of genres, content, style amongst the flash fiction, short stories and poetry.
Oh, and the very lovely Mr. Lewis will be reading his stuff too!

Irish short stories writers

New things to read!
I asked the nice book lady in Hodges Figgis bookshop where I might find the Irish Short Story section. I shouldn’t have as I became overwhelmed by all the books I can buy! I narrowed it down to 2. Eilis ni Dhuibhne’s “The shelter of neighbours” and Mary Costello “The China Factory”
I had consumed Kevin Barry’s 2 short story collections and needed some new Irish fiction to keep me going.
“the shelter of neighbours” is Eilis Ni Dhuibhne’s 6th short story collection, I am a complete-ish newbie to all of this. Having finished an English and classics degree in UCD and having typical student priorities, I know I have missed out on some brilliant stuff so…I’m taking my time now!
Eilis’ first story is called “The man who has no story” the title being a reference to an old Irish folk tale of a man who…didn’t have a story! Anyway, this short story is about a teacher, Finn of creative writing who doesn’t have a a story, doesn’t have a marriage, happy life but deserves it. Well, I think he does. He wants to write but can’t. His life is a blur of dreams, a narky wife with a back problem, an adult son who sleeps all day and…rats invade his house. The ending is crafted well, Finn drives by a sign on the road and it just leaves us with a bit of hope…

My buddy, the poet!

My buddy is a real poet!
It had to happen.
I’m an obsessive member of the Carlow Writers Co-operative group and the leading member is a guy called Derek Coyle. Derek has been writing, reading and generally studying the poetic craft for years and years now. Last Tuesday, he was selected by Poetry Ireland to read a selection of his poetry in the Irish Writers’ Centre in Dublin.
He did brilliantly, keeping the crowd entertained with background information and amusing observations…and he read a couple of his poems. I think he is completely unique and I think his writing is very important. We are proud of Derek!
Keep an eye out for Mr Coyle!