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I asked the nice book lady in Hodges Figgis bookshop where I might find the Irish Short Story section. I shouldn’t have as I became overwhelmed by all the books I can buy! I narrowed it down to 2. Eilis ni Dhuibhne’s “The shelter of neighbours” and Mary Costello “The China Factory”
I had consumed Kevin Barry’s 2 short story collections and needed some new Irish fiction to keep me going.
“the shelter of neighbours” is Eilis Ni Dhuibhne’s 6th short story collection, I am a complete-ish newbie to all of this. Having finished an English and classics degree in UCD and having typical student priorities, I know I have missed out on some brilliant stuff so…I’m taking my time now!
Eilis’ first story is called “The man who has no story” the title being a reference to an old Irish folk tale of a man who…didn’t have a story! Anyway, this short story is about a teacher, Finn of creative writing who doesn’t have a a story, doesn’t have a marriage, happy life but deserves it. Well, I think he does. He wants to write but can’t. His life is a blur of dreams, a narky wife with a back problem, an adult son who sleeps all day and…rats invade his house. The ending is crafted well, Finn drives by a sign on the road and it just leaves us with a bit of hope…

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