Up a big hill and all the way back down again:proper hillwalking

So, a few summers ago, in a fit of madness, I said I’d do the Wicklow Way with Terry and Simon.

Terry was an experienced hill-walker. I was not.

Terry likes walking ultra fast up hills through the rain with little to no breaks. I did not.

Terry liked moros. So, did I.

You can see how that trip went. I finished Day 3, though the exact number could be debated, I was nearly put off the whole hill-walking thing until last week. The Tullow Mountaineering Club was doing an “Easy” walk of about 14km. It sounded nice and Simon agreed it was a pleasant way to spend a Sunday. Terry was asked and he accepted.

It was beautiful and thankfully the Wicklow Way didn’t totally put me off. The Club were really friendly, helpful and took it at a nice pace. Apparently, the rule is to keep the pace with the slowest walker(listening, Terry?) All of the group carry emergency stocks for anyone who comes, like bottoms, tops, hats and even food.

Parts of it were slightly challenging, I hated it when it rained but when we were all sitting by this fresh lake eating a roll and sipping coffee, I sat back and thought how nice it was.

It was a great way to clear my head, my limbs were slightly sore the next few days.  Robert, the Group leader told me that the Wicklow Way, though very interesting, was a path made walk. Hmmm, I think he was implying it wasn’t as real as hill-walking. I’d agree-lots of mud, water, bog and rocks.

A proper hill walk? I hope to go again. The Tullow Mountaineering Club go every Sunday from Car Park by Abrakebra, Carlow Town at 9:30 sharp. An easy walk is schedule every month. Check out their web page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tullow-Mountaineering-Club/370336333713?sk=wall#!/pages/Tullow-Mountaineering-Club/370336333713?sk=wall

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