The Ploughing Championships begin with the town in a mess!

The Ploughing Championships have returned to Athy for the 2nd year in a row. They cause great excitement for farmers indeed. The traffic is chaotic and all accommodation is booked out.

Carlow Town is being dug up at the minute. Everywhere you look, there’s a roadwork, builder scratching his head or a JCB. I hate the way they dig the road up, do what they have to do and leave the road in a general bad state of repair.The area by the Bus stops is being pulled apart to make way for some sort of mezzanine. The old Town Hall at the bottom of Dublin street is being demolished. The Green Road has a big pit going right through it. The River Barrow is being moved to prevent future flooding though the papers reckon it won’t help at all.

The council should have left all this roadworks until after the Ploughing. I wonder how long Carlow is going to look a mess for.

Here’s a photo of the Blackbog Road yesterday, there is usually never any traffic on this road.

It’s faster walking!

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