Fixx coffeehouse-Dawson Streer

I can’t keep up with the amount of new coffee shops in Dublin.
This place is on Dawson Street with bright orange and warm brown surroundings, it is a very relaxing place to spend a few hours.
The coffee is excellent. The Barista knew his stuff. I observed him for a while. Very efficient. The coffee house has a huge library at the back, where you are invited to borrow a book if you make a small donation to Irish Cancer research, a charity that we support.
It’s got free wifi which is ultra easy to hook up to. A basic, coffee shops,listen up!
They’ve got some really good looking cupcakes, rocky roads and scone here too with an espresso for €1.80 and a small americano at €2, it’s brilliant value. Some places in Carlow charge €3 for an espresso!
I shall name and shame them very soon!
The one suggestion I have is small. Don’t play Michael Bolton songs in your coffee house.

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