Secret Santa

I have a nice, shiny and golden wrapped present sitting here right in front of me It’s very hard not to open it but I am saving it for when we come back after Christmas. Simon is giving me an extra special and massive Xmas pressie this year. He is taking me away to a mystery, Christmas and European destination! Ohh, how lucky am I?

I’m lucky, I know!

So, because I won’t have many pressies to open when I return, I am saving my Secret Santa present. It does have an indication of what’s inside though-A stamp that says it was purchased in a Pottery shop..Hmmmm, but it feels soft?

Now, let’s get interactive. Where do you think we are going for Christmas? Clues: It’s in Europe. It’s a city. Flight is in between 1-4 hours. It’s Christmassy. It’s not Scotland. Or Salzburg. Or Lapland. Don’t ask!

Cast your vote![polldaddy poll=4261832]

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