The best burger…ever…in The Counter

We dined out in the Counter diner in Dundrum last week. Let me tell you this-it is the best burger I have tasted. You get a form to fill out when you sit down.

You choose the meat you want, like turkey, chicken, beef, veggie etc. Then you choose 4 fillings from about 20 unique but yummy fillings. You pick the cheese, sauce and the bun. It resulted in a beef burger with Irish cheddar cheese covered in Garlic mayo, onion strings( more on these later) and mushrooms made with a Honey Multi-grain bun.


Simon, as per usual ordered the strangest things on the menu so he had a burger with avocado, beetroot and olives. It too was most tasty.

The friendly waitress recommended the Parmesan-garlic fries and I totally agree. Soft fries covered in a light garlic oil with Parmesan melting over them. So good.

Just in case, we were a bit hungry Simon ordered half and half-Sweet potato fries and Onion slices. The Sweet potato fries were to die for and totally unnecessary as we were already stuffed but the onion slices which are thin slices of onion fried in batter were all devoured.

Too good really. It kicks another diner’s bottom, in terms of price and portions and the staff were unbelievably friendly and helpful.

We sauntered across the way to the Spanish tapas bar where I sipped a well-made mulled wine. No sugar added just a warm christmassy spice and zest. I was in heaven.

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