Great interview with Kevin Barry in New Yorker Magazine

Kevin Barry seems to be everywhere again, all of a sudden. A nice teacher lady on twitter sent me a poster, telling me that Mr. Barry was reading at the Westport Literary Festival. Unfortunately, I won’t be there, I can’t be everywhere!
Then, I ordered a copy of The Moth Magazine and it contained a really detailed interview with Kevin. It was the first time I read much about his personal life and past career so I loved it!
Then, the New Yorker magazine online handed me another free gift of Kevin Barry! Kevin speaks about how landscape and places leave a remnant of mood on him, this then influences him to write a story. Brilliant and this will make sense when you read his stories.
Check the link out here

I’ll be reviewing the Moth Magazine in my next post. Life is good. Anyone got any Kevin Barry interviews or any form of literary, reading or writing links, send them onto me, please! You can follow me on twitter @rozzlewis


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