Coventry City-my home town

Spent the weekend in Coventry. A family funeral so it wasn’t the best time to visit. My cousin took me around to my old memories. My first home in Fennell House and then before I came to Ireland in Matterson Road.
Coventry is a city that suffered from the world war. Everything in the centre was bombed and someone decided to rebuild the centre as a complete outdoor shopping precinct.
Fine then but now, not so. Spon street is an old and typically English looking street and this should have been the inspiration instead of more high street shops.
The Cathedral in Coventey is very impressive, the new area outside the theatre Belgrade(where I auditioned for Annie!) and the Transport Museum are all worth a visit if you’re here for the day.
My first school, St. Osburg’s is looking great. Brand new playgrounds, living garden and nice statue of St Osburg.
A lovely trip full of memories but a sad occasion to visit.
Uncle “friggit” John- can’t believe you’re gone. We will miss you.

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