Grape and Grill New cool Steak restaurant in Carlow

Yay, new places to eat always make me happy..i am easily pleased!

We got a new cool steak place right down in Potato Market, the view from the restaurant is amzing, it is situated on the river and town park, lots of swans( actually millions today!) and people generally walking and chilling.

I got a Steak roll, fries and salad…very nice soft bap with various sauces to test out..pepper sauce, sour cream and onion and gravy..really tasty and reasonable at 8.50, Simon got the Roast bap of the day which was Beef…also yum and same price!

WE got dessert, they do different icecreams and you can order a warm sauce to go with it, I got honeycomb, fudge an caramel and choc chip, the warm sauce wabutterscotch.. Icecream very good but the sauce is  a bit of a rip off, it was 2€ for the tub, which you use about 1/20 of it….a gimmick but I fell for it as next time I will try out the raspberry on white choc and pistachio icecream!

Nice friendly staff but a bit disogranised, their first week opening so I supposethat will get b etter.

Am looking forward to going one night, gourmet bugers, spit roast chicken and yummy sirloin steak!

I am getting paid nothing for this review by the way.

Afterwards we went for a stroll in to town park, it is such a peaceful resource for us to have in Carlow. Please do not build apartments on it!


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