Cork Spring Poetry Festival 2016

The three of us headed off to the annual Spring Poetry Festival in Cork last week. Simon is the biggest attendee of poetry events but I usually go along to soak up the atmosphere and browse in a few select bookshops in the capital!


Simon was reading at the Gregory O’ Donoghue readings this year along with Rosamund Taylor, a poet I had met in Bantry a few years ago. I obviously had to bring the BOY in with me to hear his father read but the BOY decided to sing Twinkle, Twinkle ¬†while the poets read. This was not cool despite everyone being very nice about it. We abandoned the readings and adventured the city.


The next time we go, Emrys might be less singy but more walky so who knows if we will ever get to sit in a poetry reading with him. One day. But, it is all good.


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