Baby 3 for my sister!

Well,my big sis had a little baby boy today by planned caesarian…she sent me a photo of him by mobile and he looked plump and contented!they have called him CiarĂ¡n Michael which is nice and Irish.

Mairead, his big sister of 5 years of age was shocked at first, she wanted her Mum to have a baby girl but I think she got over it quickly when I mentioned presents and surprises.

A child in my class today told me that her Mum is having a baby, she is convinced that it will be a girl adn if it isn’t then her Mum has promised to buy her a baby girl..don’t laugh, the way children and moreso Parents are, I wouldn’t be surprised if a parent bought their child a baby of the correct sex to stop them crying..

I overheard a parent saying to her child to day, he was bout 3 or 4..




and so on

and then

“No, John, i won’t negotiate with you.”

John proceeded to “negotiate” in his own way by shouting, screaming and generally doing what ever he pleased, Mum proceeded not to be able to “negotiate”

big words…i blame Supernanny..

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