veg are not so evil

I have always hated veg, well, that’s a lie as i do remember eating veg when I was about 6…I think at some point I was force fed and I basically went on strike from all veg..

Since I have met my husband, he has slowly encouraged me to eat more!when I met him about 8 years ago, i couldn’t even eat spag bol as it had “bits”, he had to cook 2 separate dinners and blend mine into a baby food..

Okay, I am still not brilliant but I try most things and tonight had baby corn, green beans, touf and onion chow mein, I wonder will I ever get to the stage where I eat veg without thinking about it.

I also force myself to eat 2 pieces of fruit a day and and aiming for 3 portions of fruit!Sad?Well, i am trying and I really believe I had and still have slightly a veg phobia…is there a doctor that can cure me?




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