William Wall’s new short story collection-Hearing Voices/Seeing Things

Hearing Voices/Seeing Things by William Wall and published by Doire Press was ordered on Sunday and arrived today, Tuesday. The very quick Lisa Frank had it out to me super fast and I cannot wait to get stuck in and am reserving some time while M-boy( 20-month baby/toddler/messer of ours) has a little nap.


I know, I know. I promised not to purchase any more books but I am slowly working my way through the ones I have and when I read Eileen Battersby praising Mr. Wall on his writing in theĀ Granta anthology of New Irish Writing, I had to click the order button. If you are going to blame anyone for the purchase, I would lay the blame at Eileens’ Battersby’s door. Or Doire Press. Or William Wall.

Now, off to get into the book. Ta ta. Be good.

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