What is your best book of 2012? SCC English survey

Julian Girdham, the teacher who runs the sccengish blog is running a “Book of the year” survey. It is super easy to fill out and really interesting to read other peoples faves.

The SCCEnglish blog is the blog of the English department in St. Columba’s college in Dublin. It is a funfest and literary packed blog that will appeal to anyone who loves english, reading and writing. Kind of like my blog…Hmmm, wait a minute?

Anyway, the blog is used not only by the general public but mostly the students in the school. I would have loved a resource like this when I was a teenager. All I had was a well-worn copy of Macbeth and a Christmas play to feed my literary loves!

Just go to https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHVBcnFUVFhkS0JXQUREbTNXb1M1dlE6MQ#gid=0 and fill it out now!

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