Under 30 Volume one is coming at you!

Under 30 Volume 1

Under 30 had a full page in the Times last week. Plus, a sample of one of the young writer’s story. Volume One is going to be available soon, with the launch in the next few weeks. To be announced!

Under 30 Volume One

I had the opportunity of reviewing some of the work for Under 30 and really enjoyed some satisfying short stories. Under 30 has all the features of a cooperative writing community. Feedback is given and received with no winners or losers. Just a chance to improve your writing if you dare.

You can buy a copy of the anthology at lulu publishing in e-book format for a mere €4! It would be rude not to so go on and click here!

If you prefer it in the paperback version, it is going to be slightly more expensive at €9 on amazon here.



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