Mad men

Mad Men Season 5

Even though Mad Men previewed the other night with the highest audience scores ever, most people I speak to haven’t watched it. They are missing out!

Last night, Episode one opened up with a great, all round recap of the characters adn what they had been doing for the last year or so.

Don seemed to have been made into a changed man, he is pleasant and gives compliments to staff and Peggy gets rather annoyed by this!However, by the end of the episode, we can see that Don is back to his old tricks of being confused, moody and difficult. Will he ever be happy? Will his marriage to little one, Megan last? Will be ever age? No, I would think if the answer to all of these questions.

Joanie is a frumpy mum in a dressing gown with her little baby. Trudy, Pete’s wife is a frumpy mum in a dressing gown with her little baby. We don’t see her baby for some reason. Does it look like Pete? Let’s hope not as one of the characters points out that Pete is balding.

Oh dear.

Pete hasn’t changed and in fact has became more perplexing git-like. Love his character. I’m predicting this will be the year of Pete in the company and his love life.

Speaking of Pete’s love life, Peggy is a pretty, confident girl now in pastel, cute dresses. What a development she has made over the years. My favourite girl character who has worked hard to get where she is and is super intelligent and sussed about the men in the office.

Finally, let’s talk about Roger Sterling. Everyone loves him, his quick quotes. I heard that the actor that plays him went for the Don Draper role but couldn’t imagine him as anything else.

I’ll leave you with a gem. Watch this video of Megan flirtingly offering her birthday present to Don. Roger speaks to his wife after and says:

“Why don’t you sing like that?” His wife answers “Why don’t you look like him?” Obviously, he is well suited to his wife, who has learned to be as quick to control.

Am saving episode 2 for tonight. Life has meaning again. Sounds dramatic but slight truth to that statement!

Read more:

Poor Don is mortified and quite annoyed though he doesn’t show it here.

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The best xmas present ever


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It’s happening again. Every few months, I am watching something randomly on TV, tonight it was Master Chef. It’s kinda hard not to watch this programme as it seems to be on every single channel we have.

And then it happens:The Dangerous part for me. A man interrupts and tells me that “Cliffhanger is going to be shown in half an hour.”

For some reason, the film I have seen the most is Cliffhanger. You tell me why.

Everytime I watch that opening, I get hooked in.

The acting is awful, the special effects looks shoddy and the villains are clichéd.

But, I just can’t help having a sometimes rubbish taste in films. 

My name is Rozz and I’m a fan of awful films.


Tony Soprano would never do this to me…

Last week, I watched the 2 hour finale of The Killing on Channel Four.

And guess what?

It’s not the end. There’s another series next year.


The killer isn’t who we or the police thought it was.

The last few minutes involved me schouting “No, No, No! Don’t leave me this way”

I can’t wait a full year, I could be anywhere at that stage. Who knows? I might not have a TV. Channel Four may have closed down. 

So, it’s back to the rewarding “Sopranos”, I’m on Season 3. I feel good knowing that Tony Soprano would never have allowed this messing about. He would have found the killer within 10 minutes of Epsiode 1 and taught him a lesson.

Ah well, it’s my own fault. Apparently, the Danish version of “The Killing” was much better, yeah, man?

Bet they didn’t leave their audience sitting around for a full year.