Tony Soprano would never do this to me…

Last week, I watched the 2 hour finale of The Killing on Channel Four.

And guess what?

It’s not the end. There’s another series next year.


The killer isn’t who we or the police thought it was.

The last few minutes involved me schouting “No, No, No! Don’t leave me this way”

I can’t wait a full year, I could be anywhere at that stage. Who knows? I might not have a TV. Channel Four may have closed down. 

So, it’s back to the rewarding “Sopranos”, I’m on Season 3. I feel good knowing that Tony Soprano would never have allowed this messing about. He would have found the killer within 10 minutes of Epsiode 1 and taught him a lesson.

Ah well, it’s my own fault. Apparently, the Danish version of “The Killing” was much better, yeah, man?

Bet they didn’t leave their audience sitting around for a full year.


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