The Killing on Channel 4

I am constantly proclaiming that I don’t really watch that much tv but looking at my recent posts, you wouldn’t say that!

The Killing is an American version of some Danish crime-mystery-Twin Peaks type TV affair. Apparently, the Danish was much better, darker and the lead character wore better, wooly jumpers. Bloody women. Has to always be about the clothes…

The Killing that i am transfixed by is the American one showing on Channel 4, we are up to episode 4 out of 13 and is rather excellent. It covers a 20 day investigation into a murder of a teenager girl.

Let me warn you that is slow beyond slow but worthwhile. Each character is interesting. Each episode ends with another piece to the puzzle.

The channel 4 website is being awfully sociable and interactive at You can vote on you think the killer is and even debate the merits of Linden’s jumpers.

Go catch up at channel four.

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