Horrible, horrible film…horrible bosses

I am getting quite down about the lack of good summer films. Apart from “Bridesmaids”, I haven’t seen one film that I can recommend this summer.

Harry Potter was the same as the other 6 but with a stupid ending that should have been taken out. Putting Emma Watson in a Burberry mac does not make her look 19 years older.

Horrible Bosses had unbelievable potential. we have all complained over bad bosses at some point. The first 5 minutes were pretty clever. The 3 bosses ranked in brilliance, from the funniest/most convincing-Kevin Spacey and followed by Jennifer Anniston to Colin Farrell.

Colin Farrell was not funny. In the film, he has a comb over, spends his work day taking naughty things and doing naughtier things in his office. Shock. Horror.

He’s Irish too, you know?

Oh, yes, well then, he has to be funny.

Jennifer Anniston plays a nymphomaniac. Say it again.

See, it doesn’t work. She is Rachel from friends. Nice girl. Typecast. Her own fault.

Kevin Spacey was funny, to begin with. The “Gam-Gam” scene is quite funny.

But, that was it. Once, the interesting aspects of the horrible bosses were dispensed with, the film falls into madness(and not the funny kind) involving the 3 main characters, desperately trying to be the main characters in “the Hangover.”

It doesn’t work. It’s not funny. The Hangover wasn’t that funny, to begin with so why emulate it?

I mentioned the general cr$%ness of this film on twitter and was told that the film “was to a certain taste”

I agree. Anyone who likes this film has a “no sense of humour” taste. Go click here and watch the short preview, everything that could be perceived as “funny” is there for you. http://rozz.ie/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/horrible-bosses.jpg

Don’t say I’m not good to you, just saved you €9 and a bag of pick and mix. You owe me big.

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