So, all will be revealed tomorrow for Opera for Carlow

I haven’t posted for a while, the Opera for Carlow workshops have been happening, I’ve been attending and singing! But, tomorrow, the full score and recording will be given ti us! So, we can practice at home! The solo and pair parts will be revealed so we will see where I stand then.
The tickets went on sale 2 weeks ago for “Shelter me from the rain” and already Saturday night has sold out, there are some tickets left for Thurs evening, Friday evening and Saturday matinee.
For a split second, I thought j wouldn’t be able to take part! My niece’s communion is on the Sunday of the last performance. I emailed Fergus and he told me that Sunday night’s performance has been moved to Saturday matinee. So all is good! Except I’ll have to get up really early to get to my niece’s communion on Sunday morning in Mayo!
That is a party I couldn’t miss!

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