Jarvis Cocker works in Superquinn!

I knew that would grab your attention!

Okay, I’m lying. He doesn’t work there but a guy who really looks like him does. Darren, is the ultra wine expert in our local Superquinn! He recommended 2 excellent wines for our wedding 3 years ago and they really rocked! Can you believe that we still have 3 bottles of the red left? The white has long gone though, which is a shame as Superquinn don’t stock it anymore.

So, this evening I paid a visit to Darren-aka Jarvis Cocker and there is no need for Darren to feel embarrassed or insulted. Simon and I are big Pulp and Jarvis fans! It is quite the compliment indeed for him actually.

Darren is a great salesperson, he loves drink! No, he wasn’t drunk but he loves his job and he knows his stuff. I left with a bottle of an absolute yummy wine, which I am sampling now. It is a Gewurztraminer 2009, South African. I love the Gewurztraminer that Tesco stock so I told Darren this, he came up with this one and it is really, really good. Try it.

I also was going on about my wedding white wine so he recommended a near copy of it, it’s Chilean white, sauvignon blanc reserva called Casa Rivas. And no, I don’t know what it’s like, it may be many weeks before I know. We are not huge drinkers but when I do sample it, I’ll let you all know!

Now let’s end this with some quality pulp music and let’s go with a wedding link! This was our first dance song. “Something changed”


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