Opera for Carlow:We get into the GBS Theatre at last!

So, last night was beyond exciting! We got to begin rehearsals or the production phase, as “they” like to call it, in the George Bernard Shaw Theatre.

Entering just like every other cast member through the Back door.

We had Changing rooms!

We had Holding rooms! (?)

We had Stage Left and Stage Right!

We had a Green Room!

Already, I have made 2 diva demands. When I entered the Green Room, I could smell curry. I’ve asked for any smells to be removed before I enter. Also, when I looked out the window, I saw an AES bin, it wrecked the view and my creativity has been harmed. i demand a white blind to pull all the down over the window.

We are back in tonight so my list of diva demands will continue.

Here’s some new pics on flickr!


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