Opera for Carlow:Press launch, radio interview and…it gets serious again

Wow!It has been the most jam packed time in my journey with Opera for Carlow!Rehearsing every day with real life choreographers and strict stage managers, things had changed in Opera for Carlow. It is faintly beginning to dawn on us that in 2 weeks time, we will be performing in the George Bernard Shaw Theatre!

But, there was still time to meet the local media and dignitaries. Walter Lacey was there along with the Mayor/Leader of the Carlow council and other “important” looking journalists. We were asked to sing our small ensemble piece-A Good Melon, it went okay. It wasn’t perfect but we kept going and there were no stops!

Deirdre and I were interviewed for KCLR FM, my brother recorded it for me, thanks, Joseph! Anyway, have a listen. I only come in right at the end and I know everyone is only going to want to hear me! You can also hear my voice lilting through right at the end.

I’ve finally uploaded a flickr album, so enjoy!


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