Mad’s been a wait

Mad men is back!
I don’t really watch TV that much but for the next few months, I will be making full use out of Sky.
It’s been nearly 2 years since Mad Men last graced our screens. Don proposed randomly to a stunning French lady. Joany was pregnant but not by her husband. And Peggy was fancying Don…a bit.
So, there’s been lots of crazy rumours-Some people even thought it would never happen. The cast wanted better money and they held out…and I just can’t wait. The double episode starts on Sky Atlantic, 27th March with a lush offering of a double episode…2 hours of it!
This week,the UK apprentice begins…there goes my life…

Expect lots of posts about Mr Draper, naughty Betty and perplexingly favourite character-Pete. I’d recommend you get yourself up to date with Mad men!

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