Day Four at SWIFT Writing Institute 2015

Day four
Today, it was a big writing day for our class. We started the day with Ellen, she teaches PLC students and she teaches them how to learn again and to write. We used an object writing prompt, it is such a simple task that you forget how brilliant it is! I couldn’t stop writing, I wanted to write and write and there was time later as we had been asked to bring some writing to our newly formed and shortly lived(it would only survive for a day, perhaps the best idea for a writing group?!) writing group. It was made up of me, Finian who is a lecturer at third level teacher training college and two wonderful librarians, Mairead and Neil. I found the session brilliant positive, not feeling we were plamassing each other but instead we were giving encouraging permission slips to write and write and share and read. I received some excellent feedback in a piece of flash I’d been working on for a while and now feel it is ready to release somewhere!
We listened to Mary, a very glamorous secondary school teacher who manages to run a lot and raise three children and be incredibly passionate about her task of educating young adults in her school. She showed us idea after idea, linking in with poetry slamming, Colm Keegan and Eminem. I was buzzing again. Can I buzz even more, I asked myself on my second last day of SwIFt? I betcha I can. Day five, our last day, bring it.

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