A short story a day keeps the something away!

I get sent books, which is most excellent as I do love them!

The majority of them are longer pieces of work, novels or novellas. I got a new novel yesterday, which is great but it makes me feel as if I am abandoning my first love of short stories! And then, I focus on reading the novels and actually do forget the short story collections, of which I have quite a few to get through!


So, to focus me and give me a challenge, I’m going to read and blog about a new short story every day. It may very well be that I blog about a full collection in a week and a half or read random stories from all over the bookshelves in my house. Either way, I hope it brings me into focus and it promotes the brilliance that is the short story!

I will be starting off with the short story collection,┬áIn Exile by Billy O’ Callaghan and his story “The Body on the Boat” tomorrow. And there is to be no cheating on my part. Therefore, I am setting myself rules. No bulk reading of stories. No bulk and pre-dating blog posts.

I am going to try this for the month.

Let’s go!


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