A painful case by James Joyce

A painful case by James Joyce in Dubliners.

Like the story, Eveline, we see a character waste an opportunity. James meets a married woman, Mrs Sinico. They start to get to know each other, emotionally and mentally, if you know what I mean! their affair is ended by James and a few years later, James receives some bad news about his former lover. He is ultimately left lonely as was she.


Eveline was given a chance to leave Ireland in the short story of her name. James is given a chance to love, connect. But, he misses it.

It is a story, again, of paralysis. The colours of brown and yellow saturate James’ world. His floors, walking stick, food and drink. In this way, Joyce links all of the stories.

This story is another favourite of mine from the Dubliners.

A painful case can be read in the short story collection, Dubliners.

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