We need to talk about Kevin
So, I read the book ages ago, how cool am I? I can’t say the book was better than the film or the film was better than the book. Both left me with too many questions.
“We need to talk about Kevin” is a film from the novel of the same name, by Lionel Shriver. Its about a couple who have a baby. Not just any baby though, an evil baby. This is probably a very simple summary of it though. This book is about Mum who never wanted to settle down and have kids but did it because of her husband,who reallywanted those things. Its about dissatisfaction with settling,the perfect house, the traditional family set up. So,what happens if a child is born into a family where his Mum doesn’t want him and doesn’t know how to be a maternal figure?
Well, lots of things happen! I won’t give anything away but the actors who play Kevin( there are 4, from baby to 18 year old Kevin) were mesmerising, especially the teenage Kevin, played by Ezra Miller. In the book, I disliked Kevin immensely but in the film, I kinda liked him somehow.
When I read the book, I was very annoyed by the Dad character, how could he not see his son was a vile thing? Why was the Mum so passive about everything? And why does the Mum still love Kevin after 18 years of being a nightmare child and when the final horror of what he is capable of is revealed?
The films ends the same way as the book with no answers.
Worth a watch for the lead actors alone but ultimately, it never gets to its point. The film and book try to give many possibilities for why Kevin is the way he is.
Give me the answers, please.

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