vegetarian- a long process!

For the last 2 weeks i have had a good old stab at a non-eating meat diet! Not too bad actually. Although how I am doing it I don’t know as I have an official Vegetable and bitty fruit phobia…Since meeting Simon however I have managed to get over this phobia! Honest, don’t laugh! When I met Simon I couldn’t even eat spag bol with bits of onion or tomato in it and had to sieve it or pick it out with a fork or some other implement!

I have advanced onto eating many different veg, though with reluctance..I have a feeling that if I keep at it, my body will adjust!

Actually, the first time I tried a tangerine I used to have a force a tiny piece down me and chew and chew and when eventually I knew i had to swallow it, I would visibly gag…Poor me! Today, I ate a full tangerine on the way home, I rock and i have came a long way! Used to live with a gang of girlies in Dublin when I went to college. I survived on waffles, oven chips and pizza and garlic chips…not one bit of veg or fruit for all that time and i would estimate my body has not seen fruit and veg for about 20 years!

I worry that I will die of cancer because of this. I know I worry about everything!

So, who knows in a years time I may be a fully fledged fruit and veg goodness eater? A natural one that doesn’t balk at the thought of it!

Wish me luck and freshness!


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