Torun, the most prettiest “You could be living on a film set” city I have been to. Fact.
So, my sister in law and brother have been raving about the city of Torun in Poland, for years now. So, when my new baby nephew was christened in Poland last week, we just had to go there.
The city of Torun can be found on the Vistula river and is surrounded by pieces of the old city wall. Its a small city and we did an orientation walk of it in just an hour.
Every part of this Gothic city has a romantic feel to it. It’s a university city, a Unesco heritage city and is going to be the place to visit in 2016, when it becomes European city of culture.
Copernicus was born there, its the home of a special Torun gingerbread and is also famous for stained glass windows, amber jewellery and a Pied Piper type mythical man who drove frogs out of the city rather than rats.
It should also be famous for the best Mulled wine and Polish Pierogi (dumpling pie things with yummy fillings) I’ve ever tasted. Though, this was my first time to taste proper Polish Pierogi!
Get there before the silly hen and stag nights taint it with their noise…for now, it’s completely peaceful to walk around it, with a “Harry Potter” feel to the buildings, cafes and sights
Please, don’t let the Harry Potter reference put you off, the films are so so but it’s that magical and musical world that JK Rowling created that I’m speaking about not the average story telling.
Its not often I want to return to a city but I’m still thinking about it and the contented and inspirational thoughts it gave me.
Go now.
Ryanair fly to Bydgoczsz and catch a train there within half an hour!

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