Too sick to go to Mountains to Sea Reading Festival and I got this!

I was really looking forward to going to Dun Laoghaire last weekend to the Mountains to Sea Book Festival. I had even booked a short story seminar. I had bee dreaming of walks on the pier, sitting and reading on the pier, having an icecream on the pier and of course, going to a few talks and workshops.

But, the night before in an utterly dramatic fashion, I was struck down with a horrible unfair 3-day cold. It rendered me nearly speechless but definitely unable to move from the bed.

Simon had booked to go to  poetry reading and I forced him to go. I did well. He returned full of poetic wisdom and a present for me.

Best European Fiction 2012 anthology.

Oh, and and some cute, mini key lime pie dessert things from M and S.

So, who won then?


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