Things to do and stuff to read:Happy New Year 2016!

In my last post, I mentioned I had a couple of books to start and some to finish. Sometimes, I download a collection on my kindle but never finish it! This never happens with a real book and I bet no-one can explain it.


I get quite obsessed and excited when new collections come out that I buy them up and leave them sitting on my bookcase for a while and then another one comes out and then…i am left with loads of books waiting to be read. In the middle of this process, I’ll get sent a book or two to review and i feel pressured and one should never feel pressured when it comes to reading. So, I am going to set out my reading stall for 2016 below. Books or collections I have to read first before I buy and then after them, I can have ones that I want to buy! I also want to read some classic tales and give my authors a stir so re-reads of Carver, Chekhov and Trevor.

Books to read in 2016

  • In another country-Selected Stories-David Constantine-finish! This was given to me by Atlantic Books/Comma Press.
  • Staying thin for Daddy-a debut collection by Deirdre Brennan-start!
  • Galway Stories-given to me by the lovely Lisa in Doire Press.
  • Binocular Vision by Edith Pearlman-started reading it on my kindle and abandoned though was thoroughly enjoying it.
  • Moons of Jupiter by Alice Monro-downloaded this for her “Turkey Season” short story for a Festive Open Mic a few years ago.
  • Selected Stories by Chekhov-have read so many of these stories but a few remain unread!
  • Collected Stories-William Trevor-downloaded but need to finish
  • Flannery O’ Connor Selected Stories-need to finish!
  • Thunderstruck and other stories by Elizabeth Mc Cracken-recommended by a Mr. Parkes
  • Will you be please be quiet, please? by Raymond Carver.
  • Honoured Guest by Joy Williams recommended by a Mr. Barrett.
  • Collected Stories by William Faulkner recommended by a Ms. Keegan.
  • Sherwood Anderson’s Winesberg, Ohio-free on kindle-re-reads from UCD
  • Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert-free on kindle-re-reads from UCD
  • The beautiful and the damned by Fitzgerald, F. Scott-free on kindle-re-reads from UCD.

I would think that there is plenty there to keep me and you going to the end of 2016. Happy days and a very Happy New Year of 2016 to you and your reading family and friends!

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