The pram-a short story by Roddy Doyle

Roddy, associated with swearing, pregnancy, chipper vans and talking dogs. And now, a little story of brilliant and correctness of a “well to do” family and the Eastern European nanny, Alina. Alina is the heroine of this story clearly as the dragon like, uber masculine O’ Reilly mother is pitted against her in an unexpected fight to the end. O’ Reilly and her silly children make it clear of all that has gone wrong in Ireland. All that money and pretentiousness can bring. That and a corrupt government that fooled us into thinking that money equals happiness, an Eastern European nanny and children that you just can’t stand.
Doyle doesn’t mention politics in “The pram” but instead uses a ghost story to spell out the end for this family and their way of living. I loved the ending, I won’t spoil it for you but if you like an uncosy “What the hell happened?” ending then you will like “the Pram”

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