The Long and Painful Death by Claire Keegan

I have been dipping in and out of Claire Keegan’s two collections for the last year or two. SAvouring them and taking my time. I started her second collection this morning, Walk the blue fields because of a reminder from a friend last night who claimed Claire was a genius of a writer.


The first story is called A long and painful death. An excellent title. It is set on Heinrich Boll’s cottage on Achill Island. A writer goes on a retreat and meets a German writer who is none to pleased with her cake making skills. It is a quietly put together story with apt and beautiful descriptions of the landscape of the West. It also gives us the perfect ending for the characters and story and title.

I didn’t even know this artist’s residence exists in Mayo, here is the link if you would like to apply or attend the annual weekend there.¬†

and an interesting article on Claire Keegan and Judith Herman in conversation

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