The Ice House in Ballina-location of our 3rd Wedding Anniversary

The Ice House is just delish…from the inside.

It looks rather plain from the outside and not like a hotel or spa at all. Probably because it used to be a ….Ice House! I bet you’ve wondered where and ice was made, now you know…

The Ice House is incredibly relaxing, the staff were ultra nice with one of the staff ringing us the night we arrived to check when we were arriving. He then greeted us at the car, carried our bags in and presented us with a glass of my fave, champagne. We sat downstairs in the bar area, which looks right out onto the River Moy.

Our room was beautiful as well. I’ve put a little photo in of what it looked like, this wasn’t our actual room as our room always looks too messy to take a photo of…this was one I stole from the website.

We are always very excited about the bathroom in posh hotels and this one did not let us down! A massive, freestanding bath and open shower with candles laid around the bath. The Ice House wins the “Rozz award for best toiletries in a hotel bathroom type” the toiletries were L’Occitane everything! Oh, yay! Of course, I didn’t take any of these away for my own use at home.

We ate in the Pier Restaurant downstairs later that night. Simon had booked us in for the Spa the next day so we were wonderfully chilled out. I chose “Posh fishfingers”(this is what they were called!) and Chip butty, which was posh as well! Simon had some kind of healthy thing with fish and green-ness. This is typical of his behaviour. He chooses the most strangest and healthiest thing and I go for anything resembling Fish and Chips. I won the meal contest that night! I had Dark chocolate tart and Si got an assiette of dessert. His won this time as I was far too full to finish the dark tart, a bit too heavy for me but would have been lovely with a strong coffee the next day.

The Chill Spa is heavenly. When you go into the spa, they bring you into a Relaxation room. Again, overlooking the River. You are pampered with freshly made fruit smoothies, fresh fruit juice, fruit and herbal teas. Well needed after the dinner we had the night before. We had the Yon Ka facial, body scrub and foot masque. It was possible the most wisest way we have spent 3 hours. Utterly divine. The foot masque ended with a warming foot pouch. Bliss I still dream about the Chill Spa. One day, I plan to live there.

For lunch, we had a shared plate of warm bread, breadsticks and dips like red, nutty pesto, hummus and chilli sauces. It was so good. They had this beautiful home-made Guinness bread. I dream about this platter too. I would recommend going to the Ice House for this alone!

After the treatment, we took a walk on Inniscrone Beach. It was gusty but the rain stayed away.

We left the Ice House feeling chilled out and in a dream like state. My only gripe? You wanna hear it?


No, I love children but was fascinated by the amount of familes that stayed there for the 2 nights. Very young children aged 4-8. The Ice House has no swimming pool, it’s not marketed as a “Family Hotel” and if it was , we wouldn’t have stayed there. The children slightly wrecked that relaxed, adult vibe. I wonder why parents would waste money (it is expensive) on little kids staying in a place like this. The food would be totally out of the typical “McDonalds” type child, but maybe I had a sheltered childhood.

The air out there is so clear, when you pull back the sliding doors in your bedroom, it opens right up onto the River. Breathless views of Beleek Woods, swans, grey clouds.  I felt like I’d landed on the most tranquil place on earth.

You know what, I probably had….

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