Telemtale Bloomnibus ebook from the Irish Writers’ Centre


To celebrate Bloomsday the Irish Writers’ centre asked 18 writers to do some work on Ulysses , to modernise it.

Each writers took an episode and situated the chapter in a present Dublin. It is a lovely, little read and if you want to get your fix of writers like Nuala Ni Chonchuir, Niamh Boyce or Christodoulous Makris then download the kindle ebook edition here. About £2 sterling so you really won’t miss it. My stand out story was one by usually a poet, Colm Keegan. He writes the story without taking away or copying the Ulysses chapter, Nestor. He makes it and brings it on. Really nice, haven’t read prose from him since the Silver Threads of Hope anthology where his story Yes made me feel and tingle.

Hope you had a very happy Bloomsday!

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